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Benefits of using ISO 14001

2015/11/15      view:

Benefits of using ISO 14001

In 2013 we conducted a survey which was issued in 11 languages through National Standard Bodies and garnered an unprecedented response of close to 5000 participants in 110 countries worldwide.

The survey among other asked about the benefit of using ISO 14001. The following values were identified

 75% high or above for meeting legal requirements and improving the organization’s environmental performance

> 60% high or above for management commitment and employee engagement 

> 50% high or above for business management, notably for meeting stakeholder requirements, improving public image, achieving strategic objectives, and integrating with business management systems

> 60% moderate value or higher in the area supplier environmental performance

> 75% moderate or above for providing a competitive advantage

> 60% moderate value or above for providing financial benefit

 What are the drivers for using ISO 14001?

The survey indicates the strongest environmental drivers for adopting ISO 14001 include:

  1. commitment to environmental protection/conservation
  2. reduction of risk of adverse environmental impact
  3. business management drivers included customer requirements and public image